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This whole set. Damn

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Nike Flyknit Racer
Photography by JBenzPhoto

Nike Free Hyperfeel Run - Black/Grey
Photography by JBenzphoto


the most accurate post on tumblr

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yes I know you started in the mailroom when you were sixteen what you are not grasping here is that today you need three years experience and two references to even be considered for an unpaid internship in that mailroom


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Nike Free Flyknit 5.0
Get Fit to Fly!
There’s only one way to get Fit to Fly. Get to 3000, then get to @Nikerunning Flatiron Run Club at 6pm for your chance to be a part of The Montauk Project.

Nike Air Zoom Janoski Low | Denim Floral Print

Photography by JBenzPhoto


Nike Flyknit Racers
Nike Flyknit Racer - Multi Color
Photography by JBenz Photo



Good job Adult Swim. 

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Nike Flyknit Chukka - Midnight Fog

Nike Flyknit Trainer - Reflection
Photography by JBenzPhoto
Nike Flyknit Trainer
Electric Green/Black
Photography by JBenzPhoto
In 1998 the minimum wage in NYS was $4.25, now it is $7.25
It took you longer to attain that 20 dollars which is why it bought you more stuff.
Now a days it is “easier” to attain that $20 so naturally you will buy less with it.

Not saying inflation isn’t killing our purchasing power but it’s not as drastic as this graphic implies….